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New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

Another year has passed, making room for 2022. As usual, 这意味着BTE365真正的网站是时候回顾过去的一年,拿出一些BTE365真正的网站想在下一年完成的事情.

What Did We Achieve in 2021?

We had quite a few plans for 2021. So, BTE365真正的网站先来看看BTE365真正的网站是如何实现2021年的目标的,然后再来看看2022年.

The Platform

CNC turned part quoted in seconds

First, the most anticipated update – automation of CNC turning and milling. BTE365真正的网站在2021年底添加了这个功能. 您可以上传您的stp,以获得加工零件的价格在秒.

The user interface got a complete makeover. Allan, Fractory’s designer, made the platform easier to navigate, 因此,您可以找到所有必要的按钮和下拉菜单,没有太多的努力.

selecting other grade

Ordering “other materials” is enabled right on the platform. For example, 如果BTE365真正的网站没有列出你要找的碳钢, 只需点击“其他碳钢”,并在表格中输入您的具体等级. We will most likely still be able to deliver.

We also implemented manufacturability feedback. 你可以得到更多的信息,为什么BTE365真正的网站不能定价的部分,并作出必要的设计更改相应的. 例如,如果弯曲半径对于零件厚度来说太小,你会知道的.

You can now view each part in 3D right on the platform by clicking on its image. 当需要注意的特性被突出显示时,如果有任何可制造性警告,这将特别方便.

The platform is now also able to detect countersinking. 沉孔被广泛使用,不承认沉孔意味着需要手工报价. Not any more.

company accounts
Create a company account in-app

Company accounts have been live for a few months. 这些允许您将同一公司的用户合并到一个帐户下,以实现:

  • Use of common payment terms
  • Tracking of team projects’ progress
  • Creation of new shipping addresses
  • Inviting team members and managing their roles

Mass edits got a remake, 因此,您可以选择不同的参数批量零件,如厚度, manufacturing method, material, etc. to make changes at once to a common set of parts.

Bulk uploads for manufacturing drawings are now possible. 有些制造方法还需要附图,你可以一次全部上传. 如果文件命名相同,则零件与图纸自动连接, e.g. part1.stp and part1.pdf.

New Offices

In 2021, we opened our first office in Finland.

And another one in Estonia, this time in Tallinn.

大部分工作都是为开业做准备 more markets and offices in 2022. More about that later.

Team Expansion

到2020年底,BTE365真正的网站的团队共有28名成员. We managed to more than double 这是2021年期间,尤其是2021年之后的数字 our Series A round. We now stand at 63.

BTE365真正的网站的重点是管理BTE365真正的网站的供应链团队,以确保服务的顺畅. 但每个团队都有新成员——从IT和销售到市场和人力资源.

By the way, we are still looking to fill many more positions. If that piques your interest, check them out here.


Our revenue grew 3X compared to 2020. 增长的关键是确保BTE365真正的网站的服务质量不断提高.

BTE365真正的网站在这件事上的成功证明是BTE365真正的网站做到了 2.5X more recurring customers vs 2020. Simply put – you were happy to come back. And we were just as happy to work with you, so a big thank you from the whole team!

Number of Parts

For the first time, we hit the benchmark of 1M parts made in a year. 当然,前面提到的常客贡献很大.

But a large portion of our production volume came from series manufacturing. 您利用BTE365真正的网站的生产伙伴网络,以确保您的循环订单将永远是 delivered on time at set prices amidst the uncertainty in the market.

You come from all kinds of industries. 因此,BTE365真正的网站为各种各样的项目生产零件 船到游轮,母鸡笼到摩天大楼,自主机器人到无人机.



Sifted listed Fractory’s funding round as one of the Top Sustainability Deals in Europe in 2021. BTE365真正的网站正努力通过更明智地利用资源(包括物质和人力),使整个行业更加可持续发展。, 因此,BTE365真正的网站的努力得到了关注,BTE365真正的网站感到很荣幸.

Fractory made the final selection for the Entrepreneurial Success Award by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

马丁·瓦雷斯,Fractory的首席执行官,被认可为 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Estonia. 你可以阅读更多关于从工程师到企业家的旅程 here.

Martin was also one of the finalists for the Young Manufacturer of the Year Award at the Manufacturer MX Awards.

What Is Going to Happen in 2022?

在调查了BTE365真正的网站在2021年的过程中完成了什么之后, 是时候转向现在和未来了. And there are plenty of reasons to do so.

New Functions on the Platform

The platform will be able to read CAD files native to Solidworks and SolidEdge. This will be enabled over the coming weeks.

Expedited orders 会成为平台上的一个选择吗. 因此,如果您有急事,您不必BTE365真正的网站,而只需选择这个选项.

CNC machining pricing will be more flexible. BTE365真正的网站的开发人员正在不断努力,以改善BTE365真正的网站现有的服务,数控加工绝对是其中之一. 因此,该平台将能够阅读和引用更复杂的部分.

powder coating in Fractory app
You can currently select the surface coating

Automatic pricing for post-processing will include more methods, e.g. deburring, anodising, etc.

Fractory will offer 3D printing as a service. 这种制造方法在工业领域的重要性越来越大,BTE365真正的网站正在迎合这一点.

New features for company accounts are in the works. 申请付款条款,有一个零件库和更多的选项将被添加.

A Fractory CAD plugin (或插件)可以在你最喜欢的软件中实时查看价格. 这将为设计决策提供有价值的反馈.

New Markets

在新市场的第一个重大里程碑将在2月份,因为BTE365真正的网站将打开BTE365真正的网站的大门 US office.

By the end of 2022, Fractory will also be present in France and Italy.

The Team

We are looking to add another 40 people to our ranks over the course of 2022. This includes sales engineers, team leads, developers, 金融专家和其他关键人员在所有国家,BTE365真正的网站将出席.


许多伟大的专家加入了BTE365真正的网站的共同目标,制造Fractory the cloud manufacturing platform. 考虑到这些因素,把目标定得更高才合乎逻辑 another 3X in revenue growth.

Let’s work together for a successful 2022!

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